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Still photographs do not do the product full justice. In order to appreciate the subtle iridescent hues of the replica male butterfly, go to the video link: See the Video!

Butterfly Replicas' artist Mike_G meets a live birdwing butterfly! Go to the video link: See the Video!

See details of our latest stunning replica!: Click Here
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(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration

(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration
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Welcome to Butterfly Replicas Ltd
At Butterfly Replicas we specialize in the art of creating ultra detailed and extremely lifelike synthetic replicas of rare and unobtainable butterflies. Each individual product is painstakingly hand-crafted in minute detail in order to look as near as possible to the real thing from behind glass.

These gems are meticulously hand-made from various materials, each developed to best replicate each individual insect - even down to the underside, individual wing veins, legs and proboscis!

To celebrate the introduction of the company we are starting with the most desireable and rare of all species, the giant Queen Alexandra's Birdwing!

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Ornithoptera Alexandrae

Yes, first in the series is the unobtainable Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly!  Sold as both mounted pairs or individually in a quality glass display case. This CITES 1 fully protected species is faithfully recreated, the male in all it’s subtle iridescent glory and the huge female mounted directly below it. A stunning pair with more variations to follow.

Ornithoptera Alexandrae Male (Standard Form)

Ornithoptera Alexandrae Female


 See us in High Definition at the London AES show!
Click on the youtube video below
(Best viewed in full screen at 720p HD)


Quality Replicas

At Butterfly Replicas we faithfully reproduce the rarest large butterfly species using very special modeling and printing techniques in order to replicate a set specimen to a standard indistinguishable from the real thing when viewed behind glass. Each unit is totally hand crafted, taking many weeks to complete with each process built up slowly and methodically in order to reach the final goal.

This involves creating representative iridescent hues for the wing colors (Including the underside view) with individual wing veins modeled in order to three dimensionally create the wing shape and contour. Hind wing hair is also correctly modeled. The body is formed from a ceramic material in order to match the weight and feel of the real insect when dried. Antenna, legs and body/wing hair complete the illusion.

Completed fore-wing awaiting assembly - Incredible depth of detail showing deep blacks and iridescence. (Ornithoptera Alexandrae Replica - Blue form)


Ornithoptera Alexandrae limited edition 'Golden Form Aberration'

Ornithoptera Alexandrae Male typical underside

Now the unobtainable is finally available to display and enjoy

Ornithoptera Alexandrae Product Range

Alexandrae form 'Atavus'

Now Available

For more photo detail, go to the 'Detail Photo Gallery' link at the top of this page

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